Monday, August 10, 2009

When saving money goes horribly wrong

Ok, so I found this Ebook, Ian Dunbar's AFTER you get your puppy, online for free. It is a sort of positive reinforcement training 'bible'. Maybe I can post on the evolution of dog training from how I was raised to today... another time.
I digress. So I didn't even look at the price of the paper back version after I found I could download the book to PDF for free. Victoria and I had vacation up north this last weekend (8/7 - 8/9) and I figured this would be great reading material, that and who wants to read 167 pages via computer. Why not print it off at kinko's? Normally I would think of printing this off at work, or home, but 167 pages is really over the top in my ethics book for at work printing, and at home it might kill our ink cartridge. I figure kinko's will solve the problem for mere dollars. WRONG! We stop on the way to the cabin in Eau Claire, our alma mater, and Kinko's hand's me 167 unbound pages of dog training... for $15.. I told him to print both sides, black and white, figuring I would save money. He didn't even staple it until I asked. Good thing I asked him after I was charged, who knows what fee that staple would have cost.

I march out of there and cross my fingers that the Ebook costs $30 or something, which im sure it didn't. We go up north and I never even open it up.

End of story. Right? No. I get home from the vacation, and get ready for work 7am Monday. I realize my keys are no where to be found. Victoria's car? No, they are on the USB drive that Kinko's never handed back to me.

I call Kinko's and get them to ship my keys and usb back for some $7 ground shipping charge and the cost of the envelope. So let's just say $10.

Out of curiosity I look and the book is $12.95 paperback, so lets say $17.95 shipped. I just paid $25 in cash and even more in stress for a unbound, stapled, goddamn dog training manual.

Commenters: It hadn't crossed my mind until now, but do you think Kinko's is responsible at all for not handing the usb back?