Monday, December 22, 2003

Update time (continued).

Me and my brother have been playing around with some adobe. I originally made a top for the site. Which he then elaborated on. Both are on file, I would really enjoy it if you people would be nice enough to AOL Instant Message me at "JustAnotheRunner" and tell me which image you would prefer to see on the new site. Mine.(Darker Image) Jay's (Lighter Image) We then combined forces further to create the image you see above the post. He taught me a lot of shit I can do with adobe. And I taught him how to work with fonts and where stuff looks cool. We have a few projects we will be doing in the future while im at home and I will be adding an art section to the site.

Update time

Well, Archives are up and working. We moved the server to unix-based, there are some other lovely attributes to our move, none of which I have put to memory. On the bad side, either I am retarded or CHMOD'ing still does not work. Which means that the people providing our service must not be expecting any "real" business, and I cannot comprehend why this would be. Also, now that I'm back on my 19" CRT, I see that my colors are a bit lighter then on my LCD at college. So I redid my color scheme.

*Blaze2008 says: CHMODing is setting people's permissions up to view/edit files differently. I truely wasn't trying to be a pretentious nerd here, I just didn't analyze my audience. (Actually, who knows, maybe I was trying to be pretentious. Blaze2003 is a dick.)

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Sweet home .. Freedom?

One more class tommorow, handing in my books. Then gettin' the hell outa dodge. Can't wait, bout time I can give myself a break from school.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Great beginning to finals week

Quick update. I just got back from failing my CS163 final. If things don't start looking up I figure I can go be a garbage man for the rest of my life. And if you see me today. Don't talk to me.

*Blaze2008 says: Wow, please keep in mind this is a blog my mom reads. How sad. :-(

Great beginning to finals week

Great start to my first college final. I figured I would wake up at 6:00 this morning to get an hour or so of studying in for my 8:00 test. Well, I don't know if it was the slightly above audible music coming from my computer, or the fact that I was sleeping with my head away from the alarm clock, or the fact that 6 is earlier then any alarm I have set this year. Any or all of those things combined, I slept threw half my test and woke up at 8:40. I quickly screamed a number of profanities, grabbed whatever clothes I could see (sweatshirt and pants), grabbed my backpack and went running out into the cold. I made it to the test-room by 9, knowing that it would be locked and I would not be allowed in to complete my test, thus fucking up anything this year ever could have meant. Lucky for me the professor sees me coming into the room, points to a stack of tests, and I begin, that easy. The profuse shaking I had put myself into do to my stress and adrenaline seemed to amuse my fellow test-takers who had already been there over an hour. This has pissed me off a great deal. So if I don't seem to peachy today now you know why. This was my favorite class and the only one I figured I could slide by doing above average in. And guess what, this test decided whether I move out of C and into B. So great.. I fucked up when it really mattered. Also, to get the irony of this post check my friend Josh's Blog. Crazy. And to end in a fashion similar to his :

JustAnotheRunner: but i just walked in and grabbed my test
JustAnotheRunner: my professor = teh santa
V00D0024: lucky bastard
V00D0024: my professor = teh grinch

*BLaZE2008 says: Actually, I found the real link to Josh's blog that day. (I edited it in too)

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Completed Life Goal #1

To reach the sniper tower in Blood Gulch. Then to slide over to the left above the whole map. WHERE I AM UNREACHABLE!!!1. And no this has no real significance in anyone's life. Also, in todays news. My friends have come up with a better solution to the Saddam capture. That hole he dug in the ground you probably heard about. We believe that he should have been left in there, with a camera, and we air a new reality TV show, in which we see if he can survive certain things being put into the hole(fire ants, bees, etc).


BrandNew6174: bush is a hero
V00D0024: yeah, huzzah for america
BrandNew6174: ah, so you like saddam?
V00D0024: no, i dont like bush
BrandNew6174: he found saddam
V00D0024: ok.
BrandNew6174: youre a terrorist
V00D0024: typical fucking american stupid ass mentality
V00D0024 : cant even fucking hate the president without loving saddam
BrandNew6174 : exactly
BrandNew6174: USA
BrandNew6174: USA
V00D0024: what a fucking dumbass

First note, this is a convo between my cousin and a friend, and I would like to add that no friendships were hurt during the making of this arguement.

*Blaze2008 says: Haha, voodoo hated Bush before it was cool.

Friday, December 12, 2003


Sorry I havn't had a lot to talk about. My life has been mostly studying and little tidbits of halo to get the mind off the studying. And ofcourse when we aren't playing halo or studying, we are speeding up the "forgetting" process, thus the picture.
*Blaze2008 says: Haha, did you see the last post, when I said I amaze myself when it comes to forgetting things within a year? Yeah, we call this post irony. Because now I'm not amazed.

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

What temper?

Well, not much of an update today. I'm learning a lot of JSP and what-not in my CS185 class. This stuff will end up being very useful in my site once I learn more of it. Just a bit more language to keep my one step ahead of my brother. Who has already surpassed me in my Adobe Photoshop, 3dmax, PHP, and HTML skills. Which reminds me. I should ask him to make me a top banner for this site. He has a nice folder of abstract images that look like they are made with a 3d program, when infact he just used Adobe. I really don't know how he does half the stuff. And here are 2 links for 24 magazines from each mag. No I am not getting any referral money, and these are completely free, out of the goodness of my heart. <2 year Stuff Subscription><2 year Maxim Subscription>.

*Blaze2008 says: Wow, I was learning JSP freshman year. Remembering any of that would have come in handy as an intern last year. I suprise myself with my ability to forget everything I learn within 1 year.

Monday, December 8, 2003

Teh Last Week of Class.

Thats right. One more week of sitting in class, then another of finals. Then I am gone. This kinda sucks because of the fact that I'm going to miss all the guys around here, but I will get to see alot of the old crew. And I think we have some "Winter Watta" to take care of.

Saturday, December 6, 2003

Look mom, I have friends.

Well, last night was a big night for my room. Have to say we had the largest amount of people in our room then we've ever had. And it was a damn good time, we played some President(asshole). Listened to some music. And probably were heard threwout all of Murray Hall. Hopefully we can all have a good time tommorow night as well. Gotta get all those pre-finals jitters out.
*Blaze2008 says: Do you see those 3 girls in the back. They were randoms, completely random, they were only their for 5 minutes and we pulled them in from the hall in order to make the picture look bigger. I wanted to show my mom I had truely arrived at college.

Thursday, December 4, 2003

Texas Hold 'em.

30 dollars in the hole. 3 nights playing. This isn't an addiction, I'm going to win it all back tommorow.

*Blaze 2008 says: I also added a link to a video me and some friends made trying to be like the guys from jackass. We hit a dude with a car, shot me with paintballs and hit shopping carts. Unfortunately a blog is unable to host a video file. So you'll have to get me drunk and remind me its on my thumb drive some day to see it. (we called ourselves WATTA... We Are Trying This At Home) If the video doesn't work. Here it is on youtube 

Tuesday, December 2, 2003

View from the Goodyear Blimp.

Right. It's halo season. Nothing like a game of headshots and mass murder to take away that finals/holiday stress. There is a halo tournament coming up, but I have no crew I think is really capable of making a show. Plus I dont even think that I, myself, am ready. So for now I will play with the 4 rooms surrounding me. Popped my hand today. I cant really say that I couldn't have guessed how much liqued would have came out of there. It was A LOT. But I don't need to be sickening any of you. So forget I said that. I started working on my Xbox mod. Shaky start. But I hope it still turns out. A lot of filing(sp?) and sanding ahead of me. I need to shape my cuts. And get it ready for when I go home for Xmas break. Which is when I am planning on finishing it. With a little help from my cousin at Elite Signs and Banners.

Monday, December 1, 2003

Average Day.

I had some free time to post so here it is. Nothing special happened today, got a lot of comments on my hand. Which is still the same size as yesterday. Mainly the comments are along the lines of "must be using it too much" to the ever popular "why dont you pop it?". Well let me tell you that I think it will be better off healing itself. I don't think that my body creates something that it expects me to mess with. If you haven't watched the Alien Quadrilogy, I suggest it. I recently watched Aliens (alien 2) and Aliens:Resurrection (alien 4). I still should get around to watching 1 and 2. Unfortunatly I did not have those on my computer. Also, I will get my "blistered hand" photos in my Pain gallery. Along with some X-rays I remembered I had got from a needle that broke off in my foot, and my broken hand. Thats it for today. It's Poker Time!