Sunday, November 30, 2003

Candle 1 : BLaZE 0.

5 days without a post. I'm sure you all understand though, seeing how it was the holidays, and as you can see by the picture. I was hanging out with my family most of the weekend, the picture itself is a few of my cousins having a good time. We made sure to rough up the younger cousins from Ohio that we only see during the holidays, turns out they mainly gave out the beatings. I really enjoyed my time with the relatives and family. The last night of my vacation break was spent at Mike's house party. Where all the old freedom people that I graduated with went. It was a big reunion and we all had a great time. I'm sure Mike will be putting up an image gallery on his website with all the good pictures he took. Overall it was a damn good party and I loved seeing everyone again. Hopefully this was a sample of what Xmas vacation will bring. If your wondering what the title was about, I took a bet this weekend that I couldn't suffocate a wax candle in a cup by putting my palm over the mouth of the cup. Well, I won the bet, but my hand lost the war. Picture #1- Picture #2. Thats all I have for now. I could tell you a lot more about my vacation, but that would take a lot more of your time then you're willing to give. To finish : heres a nice little link I ran across while writing this post. Thanks to Mike for the find. Mario Brothers 3 Beat in 11 Minutes. w00t!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Robots and Halo.

In an hour I'll be delivering the yellow books for CC. All money goes to the CC team, so all of us were asked to split up in groups and deliver a bunch of these things. Today was pretty ordinary. I sat down to register for next semesters classes. It turns out I need to pay them more of my money. Because thats pretty much how things go around here. Oh, you wanted running water? Well, bend over and grab your ankles. I might be exaggerating. On other notes I would like to say my "song of the moment" ( is very funny and if you havn't heard it before maybe you should give it a try. It's from a comedian, just so you expect that. I would like to thank Scheelkzilla for telling me about the robots that search for materials to create more robots. Because I let that theory slip with some friends of mine over here, and now we never stop talking about them. For those of you that don't know. The plan is this: We create a robot, 1 at first, but then he will create many. He is programmed to search for materials (metal mainly), to create more robots with, then program them as he was. They will then divide and create like an amoeba, only, they wont be cutting themselves in half. And their might be a nested program somewhere in there about world domination. Well, tommorows the big day. Back home for the weekend, Halo and turkey will be had!

Monday, November 24, 2003

Woke up this morning to find...

Well, I added titles to each post. Which I think brings more organization to this messed up site. I would like to say that most things in my life at the moment are looking up. I don't know if it's the cheerful season we are in, the first snowfall, or the completion of a big project last night that is making me feel this good. But regardless I'll take what I can get. I have to add that everything isn't sunshine and daisies however, That "project" I mentioned, well it was a C++ project. Now this is a class that I noticed has influenced me to change my major to something that has less programming in it. I love computers to death, but programming is just not my bag, baby. Regardless, I can't wait for this weekend and I am excited to see family and relatives, and hopefully some of my old friends. Maybe play some ... Halo? From what I hear some of the guys back home have been dusting off the ol' controllers and given that game its 3rd or 5th life. Well, how most of us see it is halo comes in bursts, you love it for about a month or 2. Then it fades from having played it at every waking moment of those couple months. So you stop, for another month or 2. Your sitting around one day, someone mentions halo, and it comes out, stronger then ever. I have no arguments, the game is a true multiplayer hit in every aspect. Plus, I have to start prepping for halo 2. If I start getting into that game during its release, I might be able to win some money off some suckers once a tournament roles around. But enough talking about video games, I know it doesn't hit others like it hits me. Hehe. Besides, I should probably get to class. Hi Ho Silver, and away...

Sunday, November 23, 2003

2 days past.

Yes, three days without a post. My apologies. I try to do as little as possible on the weekends. If your asking why, it's because every weekday morning, after a night of too-little sleep, I force myself to get out of bed to turn off the scream of the alarm clock. I then promise myself a weekend of sleeping in. Some people have coffee, some people have there positive attitude, I have promises of all the weekend sleeping in I can get. It's a bad habit though, because when you wake up past noon, you just get this sickening feeling that you've thrown away far too much of your day. Now that I've actually put that down on paper, er, cyber-paper...right. I think I might actually start setting my alarm on weekends as well. I don't know how much of a commitment that is though, setting the alarm on weekends, the though makes me shiver. I would also like to point out that Mike's post on 11.21.03, has a link to what "truly describes his feelings" and I read threw some of it, a lot of rambling this guy does, granted it is interesting stuff. I then read the comments of this guy's post. Which were more interesting, because some people were bashing him, I assumed. They all talked like people that knew something I didn't. Either way, the reason I brought this up is because in the comments they started talking about aphex twin. Which is a great band(if you can call it that), they pretty much create these crazy techno songs. I had listened to them a lot around a year ago then forgot about them. With this reminder I brought a few of there songs back up and it's a change from then normal music you hear. If you want to try some get some of there best are as follows: windolicker, boy girl song, speedracer, come to daddy. Tuesday is my signup for next semester already. Which is pretty early from all the other freshman, I don't know if this is because I originally had 17 credits (a lot for a freshman, thus putting me ahead of the others), or the fact that I was put on a early acceptance list due to my Cross Country involvement. Hopefully this means I will get my first choice of classes and won't have to fall back on any of my less wanted choices. Wow big post, but it is coming to an end. I would just like to add that I will be trying to get a nice blogger or some other program that helps me post. Not only will it make posting a lot easier on my end, it should allow me to add a comments section after each post, so you can reply and let me know whats up, a great idea I believe this is. Speak like yoda i do? Right. Time to tackle this sunday.

Thursday, November 20, 2003


On first note, the Murray Hall Thanksgiving "feast" was very good and I enjoyed some homestlye cooking for a change. I had a pretty eventful day as far as the website goes. The Image Gallery section is up and running full blast. Go there to check out pictures of my tattoos, computer, hobbies and the like. Took me a long time to get the gallery template to look the way I wanted it to. Dreamweaver was being very stubborn. And before I forget it, if you feel you have a link or a webpage you would like me to add to my links bar, just email me and let me know. I can't wait to get this weekend out of the way so I can enjoy the shortly arriving holidays. I do believe this has been the first time I actually stopped and anticipated a newly arriving date. Also, a new addition to the site I forgot to add was the random image is now a link to the rest of them, for you impatient people.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Gobble Gobble.

Well, I am about to head down to the basement of my dorm for some Thanksgiving turkey fun. I figured I would use this time to put a few words down. If you havn't noticed, the site is still under construction. I will be adding a nice pictures section. Where a lot of my good digital camera images will be hosted. I'll put up my case mod galleries as well. For now though I will keep my posting up and groom the site where I see necessary. Not much happend today. I took my first run of the indoor season. I will be running almost every day from here on out, hopefully lose some of this "freshman 15". Hehe. Well thats all for now. Hope everyone has a great week.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Mary Jane.

Haha. This is just too good to Le'go. One of my good friends had a little run in with the 5-0 last week. He made the University Police Blotter. Here is a snippit.

Marijuana-scented candle Sunday, Nov. 9 "Two officers were sent to Horan Hall after an RA detected the odor of marijuana coming from a room on the third floor. The officers did not smell marijuana outside the room. The officers then called the resident, who did not pick up. Then they knocked on the door and a man answered. The man agreed to let the officers come inside the room to ask questions. When the officers entered the room they noticed a strong scent of marijuana, a running fan and an open window. In order to eliminate him as a suspect using marijuana, the officers asked to search the room. The resident said they could. While searching, the officers asked the resident to unlock a top dresser drawer, but he refused, stating that the drawer's contents were personal. When the officers asked what exactly was in the drawer, he refused to answer. The officers were unable to find any illegal items in the room. The resident was then asked why the room smelled like marijuana. He said it was from a candle he was burning. He showed the officers a candle, but it did not smell like marijuana. The man was given a citation for violating fire safety by burning candles."

I'd like to add that he got a $181.00 fine for his "candle burning". Well, As for normal news, thanks to Josh (aka ninja) for giving me props on my last post. I meant what I was saying and he apparantly agrees. I will be acquiring an XBOX soon, which has always been a gaming love of mine away from the computer. Tonight I purchased the Halo game itself, along with 2 controllers and a empty XBOX case, I'll let you all in on that little venture later on. I have to say I am a Halo addict, and the thought of Halo 2 being right around the corner makes me all warm and sticky. I actually have alot on my mind right now, but it is getting time to do more important things. So I'll save it for tommorow.

Monday, November 17, 2003

The Speed of Time.

Another day come and gone. The months fly by here. It seems like one week a month or season is just beginning, and the next week it is ending. Soon Thanksgiving will be here and I will get to spend some time home with my family and relatives. Then out of no where Christmas will be here and I'll be home again. This time for longer. These things are probably in reality a ways away, but this year has been here and gone. Much to my liking I might add. Here in college I just sit and clench on to what I have a hold of. Hoping not to lose my grasp and tumble down a road of unsuccess. My parents and friends expect so much. Everyone goes to college these days, it's not normal to suffer through it. I don't want to be a disapointment. So I'll keep hanging on to what I've got. Sorry I don't have much in the lines of 'good news', I've had a lot on my mind lately.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Post #1.5.

I figure I am going to actually start taking a little time out of my PACKED schedule each day in order to post in my website. See if I can't actually get some 'regulars'. I would like to explain the recent inability to use my computer which some of you may have noticed. It all started with a nasty virus, which disabled norton. It was more annoying then anything. I found that I could not click on links nested in certain websites(Example: links in forums, or links to "clear my hotmail spam"). So as you can imagine my hotmail account overflowed and I decided to put my 120 gig harddrive on my 60 gig as a slave and scan it with new virus software. Well, like usual, I had trouble switching harddrives, because of the nonexistent jumper directions on my 60 gig. After a lot of screwing around I come across a small problem, the fan in my graphics card heatsink has stopped spinning. Which I must have done while working with the harddrives. So now I had a new problem. Fix the heatsink before I can use the computer again. My first attempt was a new VGA heatsink. Brought it home and found out it did not fit my video card. I then had to wait a week to get a new ride out to the same store. Where I returned the heatsink and planned on getting a new fan to chop up and put in the old heatsink. I also sent a bunch of emails back and forth with the makers of my videocard and had a new heatsink coming in the mail, but I wasn't about to wait another week to start using it. The chopped up fan worked perfectly in the old heatsink and now I got my computer back after maybe a week or two of non-use. On a sadder note, while screwing with my harddrives, I dropped my 120 gig on the ground and it doesn't work anymore. Lucky for me Western Digital is really great with RMA's and I'll be getting a new one almost no questions asked.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Kinda a little busy for posts right now. But check out what we do instead of homework around here---> MT DEW