Friday, June 18, 2004

Finished New Computer : Deep Blue.

Well, long week of work; 40 @ School Specialty, 8 at Tom's. I did, however, Finally find time to finish my new computer. The image links you to a webgallery if your mouse did not hint to that yet. On other news im addicted to Gunbound A asian game involving tanks and wind, and shooting people with angles and velocity. The best part isnt the actual gameplay, its the ranking system and ability to buy your avatar unique clothes and pets. I know, It sounds gay, but it's got me attached. I'm also trying to polish my Counter-strike skills so I can go to PCarcade with my cousin sometime and enjoy the massacring of cocky little kids.

*Blaze2008 says: Check out the main gallery picture. See what I was trying to do there, include the license plate in the top. Yeah, I'm an arteest.

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Gregor said...

I think that's the same desk chair that I've got.