Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Phantom Police Jammer

So I was in my car this morning, and a crazy commercial starts up about "making your car invisible to police speed detection." I am kind of interested simply because of the blatant disregard to the law. The "Phantom" is self-proclaimed illegal in YOUR state, and renders your car invisible to all police speed detection devices. It is available to try free for 30 days, and this really gets me, if you get a ticket in those 30 days Phantom will pay for it. (some restrictions apply)

I am pretty curious now and I make sure to look this thing up when I get to work. Unfortunately I do not find the actual Phantom website. But I did find this. Which is an interesting read. I dunno if it is the same phantom radar jammer I heard this morning, but while reading I found out that police have radar detector-detectors. So the people that drive around with radar detectors are probably getting noticed easily by police and singled out and not given the benefit of the doubt. Also, I was pretty amazed that the technology does exist to jam the police. Atleast back when that was tested it was working. Who knows how fast the police's detection technology is updating.

The bottom line, no I probably wouldn't invest in something like this because I feel that anything which screws with the police equipment is most likely to anger them or make them suspicious. Which gives them all the more reason to pull you over and disregard your civil rights.


Joe said...

Rumor/urban legend has it that you can get the same effect by lining your grille with tin foil, the difference being that the ray *supposedly* bounces back to the radar gun and fries part of its components.

No idea if this is true or not, but it seems like one hell of a way to antagonize the police.

Anonymous said...

Go spend your money on it. It WON'T stop us from stopping you and then you can fight with the company to get your fine paid. It's a win win for everyone...I guess. Also do line your grille with tinfoil, make sure it completely covers any air that gets to your radiator though. The less air that gets to your radiator the less likely you are to show up on radar. Don't worry about the smoke that comes out after 5 minutes of driving, this is simply the added "smoke screen" feature.

Seriously though, this unit is not going to save you from the radar.

BLaZE said...

Yeah, my research was more out of curiousity then anything. Sort of like mythbusters stuff. Didn't mean to upset any of our city's finest.

Anonymous said...


It is over $200 for this and some states you will ALSO get a fine as it is illegal in 6-10 states

runs4c'shard said...

so these things just jam radars but dont detect an upcoming cop cause i just got my first ticket today trying to get to work on time and i'm seriously thinkin of gettin something like this so that my insurance dont get jacked anymore