Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Classic Rock Ooooohhhhhhhh!

As I mentioned before, I go through phases of music. I have usually kept a pretty strict line in making sure I let people know when I say I like rock that its more new metal, hard rock, and alternative rock then classic. I would often point out that I am not living in the past and avoiding bands like The Who, Pink Floyd, or Led Zeppelin.

Well, after years of stubborn music listening, my walls have finally fallen. Or what's closer to the truth is I came to the realization that they have crumbled long ago. This morning I found a nice About.com Classic rock top 50, and added most of them to a new pandora station. I don't know what the events were that led to this decision. Most of it probably can be contributed to the Guitar Hero Franchise (Before which I had no appreciation for a good guitar riff, and simply despised solo's) .

I have also come to the realization this summer that when I finally get around to buying a motorcycle, that it would probably suit my persona better to go with the Harley body style vs what I dreamed of all through HS and college, which was a crochrocket bodystyle. And as I envision myself badass'ing around like Wolverine (Or the Gov' of Cali), it just comes natural that I have some Led Zeppelin or AC/DC blasting.

Maybe some Master of Puppets to help the Gov'na

So there you have it. I am sure most of my readers will consider me now more cultured and relatable in my 'rocking.'


Assailant.9 said...

So you finally come around after giving Tyler, Joe, and I crap all throughout school for liking the classics. Led Zeppelin FTW!!!

Gregor said...

Well it's about damn time. Now all we've gotta do is go see all the over the hill classic rock bands at Summerfest and the State Fair and you'll be all set.