Thursday, June 18, 2009

The dreams in which I'm dieing...

I don't think I've had a dream this realistic and emotionally moving in so long I almost have to write about it. I recently got my M license, so it started with me at my parent's 2nd of 3 houses(where we lived in the 90's). I had some random motorcycle and it was my first time riding. You are supposed to wait awhile and become comfortable with the bike before taking on 2 riders, but Victoria wanted to go with me so I took her on my back and we go off through the streets, taking curves and trying to stay upright. I fall over once and watch as elderly people drive by me and my mom tells me she used to bike and gives suggestions on staying up.

Then cut to a baseball game in Minneapolis. A lot of my friends and I visit the Brewer games here, so that may have been why I was dreaming about this. We were watching the game, twins vs some other random team. This went on for awhile with nothing out of the ordinary. Suddenly there was a earth shaking boom like an airplane had broken the sound barrier above us. People started screaming and looking behind us. I remember seeing the stadium falling in on itself a distance in the back. The crowd started to push forward as panic struck. I remember not being too worried, but then it happened again, a loud thunderous bang. I looked back and this time the stadium was collapsing much closer to me. I now felt a fear deep in my stomach. Either through the people's commotion, or just the fact that it was a dream, I knew the source of the catastrophe was terrorist attacks. First I thought it was missiles, but later it turned out to be kamikaze (I don't know why, nothing has really been happening in the news).

The crowd pushed on with urgency and panic and as I approached a large entry way that would bring us out of the stadium. A third explosion rocked us and I looked up to see the stadium directly above me begin to crumble and fall inward. (Picture the stadium looking as the coliseum, many rocks falling from the sky) I realized at this moment I had to make it below the overhang to survive. I dove just in time and where I had been seconds ago was now rubble. This success was trumped by the feeling that everyone who had just been with me hadn't made it. I followed random survivors as we walked out into the streets and made our way to a nearby building. Swat teams were all over in the streets and I remember stepping over a k9 drug dog with a muzzle on which barked at me. We made it into some big skyscraper and were directed to the 3rd floor(inside resembled Mall of America). They put on a movie for us all to watch to calm us while the attack was dealt with. I kept asking people what happened and they said that a higher-up in the army had a successful mission overseas and he had been from Minnesota. So that was why such an odd target had been picked for retaliation. I heard a huge explosion and looked down through the balconies to the ground floor and saw it rush in with smoke, dust, and ash, (an image very reminiscent of 9/11). The attacks had followed us and it was time to run again. I jumped from the balcony on floor 3 to floor 2, started running for somewhere to hide, people were jumping in show cars and riding away. I remember the need to hide somewhere small and sturdy. I knew the building would be coming down any moment. The floor went sideways and people started sliding down towards the smoke. I got my balance and dove into a kids ball pit. (now I was apparently on the ground level) some of the structure had broken off the kids play area and I took a heavy metal grate and held it against myself. This was the most emotional part of the dream because I looked up to the sky, and watched as pieces of brick fell from high above landed all around me. It was all very realistic and I remember having to look away for some of them so that the blow would be a surprise. The grate did a good job protecting me, but I misjudged one and a large brick hit my mid leg area and I heard 2 cracks and I knew my legs were broken. I kept on like this thinking I might survive as the building fell around me. Then the largest rubble fell above and I could see there was no avoiding it. It crashed into the me, and the grate wasn't able to deflect it as it had some of the smaller ones. My midsection was crushed completely and the dream cut to the aftermath of the attack. I was being helped by a nurse-like lady who I thought I recognized from Eau Claire. I asked and she said no, she hadn't gone there. She stuck a needle in my arm and started trying to pull blood, only nothing would come, just clear saline type liquid. I knew it was because I had massive internal bleeding and all my blood was in my stomach. I took the IV from her and tried pumping some blood from my arm to show her I had some. It was no use. She then took my IV and gave me a large shot of morphine. I knew it would be the last I saw as all my adrenaline, fear, and panic was replaced by a soothing high that took hold of my body. Then slowly, everything went black and I drifted into darkness.

After awhile my eyes awoke. I was at my cousin's parents 1st house. Where he lived in the 90's, and we were playing with nerf guns. (reminiscent of my childhood, being baby-sat elementary school age) We were playing cops and robbers, with 2 of his friends I didn't recognize. It was my cousin and I versus them. I was shot in the head with the toy guns and I had to act dead, for those were the rules. I layed and watched as my cousin tried to fend off the 2 friends in this faux-battle. He overtook one, but it did not end in his favor.

That is the moment when I woke up. Such an emotional trip I figured I would write it all down on here just so I can remember it. Dunno if I'll post this or not.


KiltRunner said...

It's amazing you remembered that much detail from a dream. Usually we forget most of the details within a few minutes of waking. In the words of Vince Vitrano, "I don't buy it."

Just kidding, fab post, super intriguing. Might be time to analyze this one.

BLaZE said...

I know for a fact if I hadn't woken up and sat at the computer to write this down, it would have faded away and by now all I would remember is that I had an emotional dream.

I've had crazy dreams before and not writing them down is a big regret.

Gregor said...

I wish I could remember half my dreams half as intensely detailed as that. That's one f-ed up dream though, sir.

Betsy said...

You should take up writing in your spare time. Thoroughly intrigued with this dream/story.