Saturday, June 20, 2009

The time piece

The watch is the one piece of jewelry that is always acceptable for men.

I was told this by a guy trying to justify spending a couple hundred on a 'time piece.' He had a pretty expensive watch and I remember thinking I could never put that much into a watch.

Well, years later, and in a secure corporate job, I can start to see what he was talking about. A watch can be a good outlet to set yourself apart or say something about yourself. I recently dropped my old watch and broke the band. I went in to get it fixed only yo find out that wasn't possible. As I looked for a replacement I found myself drawn to the ones priced a little higher. I ended up purchasing the Relic seen above. Like a child on Christmas morning I was excited enough to mobile blog it. Consider it my early bday present. And don't worry, a local retailer known for great discounts took nearly 50% off the top. The more you know.

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