Monday, August 2, 2010

Ender's Game

It seems like every book I read is the _best_ book I've ever read. It feels cheap to say it outloud, as if I am easily moved or amused by whatever's got my attention at the
moment. And still, after accepting this, the feeling of emotion and power after finishing a book seems stronger each time. Tonight, I love Ender's Game.

First, I'll begin with why I chose to read it. I remember hearing as a teenager a couple books on a geek's must have list. Ender's game wasn't mentioned too often, but enough so that I knew of it. A month ago I decided to give it a shot and downloaded the ebook online. Pretty random, I know. I was putting a couple hours into it a night, then just stopped. I had forgotten about it for almost two weeks when I picked it up again yesterday. I was instantly submersed back into the book. Today I decided to go to bed early at 10pm but couldn't resist letting myself read it a bit before light's out. Well, it's 3:30am now, and I couldn't have pulled myself away from it if I'd wanted to.

I don't know why I brought the text pad up and started typing, I guess it's like when you have that wonderful dream and you wake up to quickly try to write it all down. You feel as though the emotions and feelings will slip through your fingers and be gone forever unless you record them. Except I am caught between a rock and a hard place because I plan to post this to blog, so I really can't discuss the ending, because I want people to experience it for themselves.

Ender's Game definitely has a nerd appeal to it, it's a science fiction novel written about the future of humans, space, and war. It's about a young boy going through a sort of space bootcamp. Takes place in what I would assume is near the 2100's or beyond, although I don't think the date is ever mentioned. I'd hate for anyone to generalize it simply as SciFi though, because it has so much more then that.

I guess the biggest thing for me is the ending, the author, Orson Scott Card, nailed it. Just when I thought I knew a couple ways it could end up, Orson shows me something even better, totally creative, and beautiful. I'll admit that even now I am still drying my eyes. (Because of the allergies, geez!)

I really would recommend this book to anyone. I am surprised I wasn't given more of a push torward this book when I was younger, although I guess reading isn't really a hot topic among peers.

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