Monday, September 6, 2004

Back In College!

Well, as you can see I am back in college, and damn it is good. I have had 1 day of classes so far, and a LOT of partying. I have been reunited with the old gang, and met many more kickass people. Alchohol can be thanked for many crazy adventures, much like you can see above.

On a serius note, my teachers seem to be cool so far, none of them are too crazy and all seem like they know whats going on in the world. I hope this means getting the good grades will not be as difficult as last year. I have been playing some poker of recent, 2 games last night and 2 games tonight. Last night I got a First and a Second for a total of +25 bucks. This night I lost both games for a loss of -10 bucks. I am still ahead and hopefully I get better luck then tonight. I had to stay sober for the poker games, so finally around 11:30 I headed up to 2nd floor with Matt, aka Ralphie, to help him finish some shots off. Needless to say 15 minutes after going into the room matt was puking because he had already had plenty. I then was a very good friend to him, and drank ALL the open cups in the room so that he was not tempted to drink anymore and sicken himself. By taking that bullet I quickly caught up and went back down to my room to order toppers. Which was delicious, as usual, and was the 3rd night in a row for me. Then my good friend Luke suggested we grab the awesome Blaze Orange sign from Clairement Ave. Which is a pretty busy street, and bring it back to the dorms. 1 hour later the mission was a complete success, minus the part where I lost a sandal, went back to find it , and stepped in one of the biggest Picker Bushes I have ever seen My foot is still numb. Sorry for having barely any updates recently.

Ps. I am still slightly intoxicated.

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