Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hallow's Eve

Sorry it has been so long sence me last update. I usually don't update unless I have some cool pictures to share, and boy do I!. We all had a good Hallow's Eve Eve last night. Played some halo. Carved some Halo. Drank some beers. And then when 2 of our compadres decided to hit the sack early (around 2am) we decided to have a little fun with their door.

Oh my god, I laugh every time I see Tyler doing the Barney Bong. Theres just something about seeing a grown man in a child's halloween costume taking down a beer a second. The picture above it is Tyler bending over in front of Evan. Evan had found better use of Kat's cat-tail.

This was the big event of the night. The symbol is suppose to represent the special edition symbol of halo 2. (Seen Here) There is a pumpkin carving contest being held over at (Contest) I was planning on using some of my blue CCFL lights to make the inside glow blue. But I apparently didn't bring those to college, so I used the next best thing which is my green lights. I am kinda thinking the blue would have done it off even better. When my picture is up for voting I will put the link up and hopefully I get a nice tally of voters. Thats that for this weekend so far. Im sure there is more to come.
Blaze2008 says: wow. Umm, Irony.... That last sentence I just said, about being sure there is more to come. That's the last thing I say in the blagosphere for 4 years. Until tehblaze.blogspot happens.

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