Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pet Peeved

Ok, lately I have stopped my masochist ways and started running indoors until the temperature returns to >40 degrees. This means I have basically began living in the gym again. Which is a splendid place and actually brings lots of thoughts to mind for possible blogging. There is one in the front of the line though. It drives me batty, crazy, through the roof. It is women (mostly, sometimes guys) who jack the incline on their treadmill, which alone is not offensive. The offensive part is when they hold on for dear life while they work out.


Let's think about this, from a physics standpoint. You are maxing the incline so that you are running a steep hill, its a hill workout and gravity is now fighting your progression from point A to point B. Also, you need to lean forward, adjust your weight from falling backwards, and some new muscles get worked. Ok, all those benefits, are negated when you hold on to a stationary object such as the treadmill.

If you want to envision this on real life, lets say I am running down a road, then I see a massive hill jutting out in front of me and I go for it! So then now, what if someone on a 4-wheeler drove up in front of me, and gave me a bar and rope so I was now able to use his 4-wheeler like a water-skier. All I have to do at this point is move my feet up and down and the ground travels beneath me, making the hill workout easier then actually running. I mind as well just lean back and drink a caucasian at this point.

So there, thats it, I see a half dozen women in front of me at the Y, all practically able to touch the ceiling if their raise their hand. And they are all holding on to the reigns of the treadmill for dear life. I want to walk up to them individually and slap them in the face and ask them WTF they think they are doing. But then I just realize that people in the gym is people in the gym, regardless of their incorrect ways, at least they are out here and being the minority in America.

Oh, and by all means, I could be wrong, I am not a physical therapist, or trainer. If you can debate my points here please comment below.


Gregor said...

Mmm, I could go for a White Russkie right now.

Now I don't go to the gym anymore (because what's the point after reaching the peak of human potential), but the people there truly do some stupid things. But like you said, least they're doing something.

Ric said...

You're right -- at least I think so. I read it somewhere too.

Joe said...

The person next to me at the gym tonight was doing this. You are right, it is beyond ridiculous: the type of behavior that earns someone weeks worth of mocking.