Friday, April 3, 2009

I won't let it get to my head

So, I rarely, and I mean rarely, see commentors, much less visitors, to my blog that I don't directly know. So it came to a surprise when I got a special comment on my phantom police jammer post. So, naturally, I decide to drill down into my traffic analyzer, provided for free by google. That's when I was completely blown away. In the last month, 50% of my viewership has been thanks to that post (120 page views, 88 unique IP's which is nearly the exact double of how many people have visited my homepage in the last month). It is already the third most popular page on my blog to date, and its only been available 1 month. (actually, now that I look at it, I am posting on its 1 month anniversary. Pun not intended.)

Top 5 pages of all-time (of my blog)

I noticed that google was actually a big source of my page views, so I used one of the keywords that had been successful, and low and behold, the answer!

Check him out!


Assailant.9 said...

I just read the Anonymous post left on your previous entry. The question remains, was he a cop taunting you or was it just an insane person randomly travelling the internet who stumbled upon poor, unsuspecting BLaZE?

The world may never know.

Ric said...

Wait ... how do you have so many effing page views in the first place?

BLaZE said...

I'm pretty sure Greg blows me out of the water... But if it seems I have a lot its probably just because I have my blog open to the public. I think that helps with random google traffic.

(I also play around with the web design a lot and that requires me refreshing teh page a bunch.)