Saturday, January 24, 2004

Drinking. drinking. And ... drinking?

Got settled back into the scene at college. Teh parties, teh drinking, teh usual. Not really much going on as far as interesting things. I re-arranged my room, so that the printer I brought would fit. I met 2 new guys that came this semester, Matt and Logan. Both are cool as hell and Matt is in the national guard. To make a long story short one of the things they do in basic training is learn how to "blood-choke" an oppanent in hand to hand combat. Which is not harmful except in the fact that it kills braincells, but so does beer and supposedly it's a whole new feeling. So first Murph gets choked, as I'm watching I think Murph is jokeing around because he goes from a smirk to a completely dead face in a matter of seconds. Matt then slowely falls to the ground with Murph to make sure he is not hurt in the collapse. A few seconds later Murph is up and describing how crazy it feels. So im next. Being the great guy I am I had Murph video-tape it for the website. Here is the tidbit. Unfortunatly the camera stopped recording before i bounced to my feet yelling "Oh My God! It worked! It Worked!".
It's funner then it looks ;)

On another note. My cpu fan broke over break, and was making the most noise any cpu fan has ever made. And it was a factory AMD so why it broke is beyond me. The buzz got so annoying, I did not want to make bad show in front of my new friends and have them think that I was not as literate with computers as I am. So i took a extra fan SVC gave me out of its casing, unscrewed the tiny green fan that the AMD's give you. And double-sided sticky-taped the huge 80mm fan on that. So far its been working beautifully and quiet as hell I might add.

*Blaze2008 says: Wow, for being a computer nerd, my shit breaks ALL the time. (Looks cool as hell though.)

And oh yeah, you guys really want to see this blood choke video. I'll youtube these things later and re-update. Here it is on youtube.

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Gregor said...

Haha, watching people get passed out never gets old.