Monday, January 19, 2004

*Gasp of air*

1 month later, here I am. Boy does it feel like I was being suffocated by a pillow and I was completely helpless whenever I think of the website. As some of you know a good friend of mine is hosting this site for me. When we both went home for break, he had no internet, and he never really got around to installing his modem and calling the phone company to get dial-up. He also had our site worked on and for some reason they deleted our side passwords and only he knew the master password. So I am sitting here with no way to communicate to my readers and tell them that I have no power to go online and update my site in any way. In current news, I am going back to college in 2 days. I had a great break. I played ALOT of foosball and pool. Partys were great. Clubbing with Jason was great. Met some awesome girls, that for some reason thought I too was awesome. And lucky for me I met those girls less then a week before I will be shipping myself off to college again. So yeah. Thats me in a nutshell.

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