Thursday, January 29, 2004

Not much going on.

I really like adding pictures to my posts, which I do have some goodones. But I forgot to bring the cord between my camera and computer. I am now waiting for the cord in the mail, sent from home. I got a pic/story to go with my cpu fan, and another alchohol pic.

I met some girls, mainly because I am known as the guy who can fix computers. Maybe this might turn into me actually talking to a girl on a regular basis, well, besides jake. (jk). And on the topic of computers. I downloaded the Half-Life 2 rip from russia, which is pretty buggy. I played atleast for a half an hour at teh E3 techdemo. Throwing the dead Metrocop body into walls and barrels, and whatever else I thought of. The tractor beam is sooo fun. I also arranged a nice little scene.

That's about it. Soon I will have new images up and stories to go with them. Sorry for not updating as much as I used to. O well, time for class. And I still have to write a paragraph for some stupid intro. Ill have to save spell check for later...

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