Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Been so busy

Or atleast I'd like to think I have been so busy. I guess I did get a job, but right now I am taking on a mere 15 hours a week to see how the adjustment is. I am at Wendy's now and it's a pretty small changed from Tom's. A lot more relaxed and I still get the benefit of eating for free on top of getting paid. It's a big change working till 3 in the morning though. Which I wasn't really expecting to do a lot when I got the job. But now I realize that there is no "in-between", either you are a closer or a daytime person, and we all hate each other. The daytime people "don't do their jobs", and the closers do the jobs but "have no regard for rules or regulations", well except for wearing your gloves. In my mind gloves are a miniscule error when compared to talking back to the customers, food being prepared with lack of respect, the meat being stored raw and then cooked on something similar to a large frying pan, and the other poor service that goes on besides "lack of gloves". Granted I understand the importance, and for those of you that havn't worked fast food you might care, or you might not, I just figure as long as I'm washing my hands often the gloves get a little old, and annoying. But yeah, Don't take this to say I never wear gloves, I do all the time, I just take it personal when I'm corrected on my work ethic by people lack in that category. Now I am just ranting, I suppose things aren't really that bad, I just know I'm a better employee then half those guys on my first day, and they have the nerve to correct me.
If you are curious to what the title image is about, I have been involving myself a lot with cards. I spent maybe a week or two after and during break doing card tricks for and recording them into videos. That site has a nice forum and tutorials of chip/card tricks. This new semi-hobby was brought along by my interest in Texas Hold 'em. A very popular poker game that is all over here in college. It quenched my need for strategic dominance over others, and gambling. Like any other competition I soon realized that I could quickly dominate it with some practice and research. I had a few bad and embarrassing beats at during some $5 games in the dorms. Once I thought I had been cheated out of my money, when it was actually a big mistake by this "veteran" card player. I was in 3rd and all in against him. He then lost his cards in the deck (I hadn't been paying attention). Now with all the facts on the table I understand he probably did have the winning hand, and all was legit. But at the time, all I could think about was that he cheated and I could have caught him. I quickly researched card cheating online so that I knew exactly how this stuff worked and I can watch for it. I may get accused of simply of trying to learn to cheat to get my money back, or something stupid like that. But thats simply not the case. Through life my family and my own decisions have brought me to be highly competetive, and NEVER stoop to cheating. I can, in most cases, always come out as the best at a skill or game requiring intelligence or hand/eye coordination, and if I'm not, then I usually stop competing and move on. Sorry if I come off narcistic here, but I just want to emphasize on how there is no reason to ever seriusly accuse me of cheating. I realize that some may take it as a compliment, like in Counter-strike when every noob will accuse someone better then him of using hacks. I simply view it as one of the highest insults out there, by accusing someone of cheating you are taking away everything they worked for, and you are saying that they need outside help to be as good as they are, therefore not being good at all.
I'm sorry, I started that paragraph to tell you about the new card playing/manipulation commmunity I have found myself in, and then went on to rant about cheat accusations. Well, anways was the first site I joined. It is my base for all manipulation and slights with a forum to talk to a lot of people. I originally searched for sites to help me with my poker strategies, not tricks, but that part pulled me in just as much as the poker did. Through the last 2 weeks I have helped the people on the forum find, and explain, some decent tricks by simply watching them on a magicians commercial, or website preview. It took a lot of work though, simply to gain some prestige on a small forum for card slights. After a while of that I quickly got my eye back on the goal, to become of the best Hold 'em players. Now that sounds like a lot. But to excell you have to have a winners mentality. Everything is mental, I was a top runner in highschool, and I was the most out of shape, with the biggest gut. I was still the best runner at my school and top 10, if not top 5 long distance runners to go threw Freedom High School. If you tell yourself you can do something, and put your time into it, it should come. So back to Poker, I watched some WSOP, I read A LOT of strategies, odds, everything. My roomate followed my lead as well, and purchased a book "Winning low-limit hold'em : by Lee Jones" I have yet had time to run through it. My play has elevated a lot but still has a lot to be worked on. My wins/losses is almost even, but I still have a bad day every now and then. So I'm coming across a month or two of submerging myself into Hold'em and it's showing. If this keeps up I hope to get some scratch together and play at a high stakes game and see if I can come away with something nice.
And here are some of the card-slight videos I made :
Alright. So I did ramble alot, but I guess thats what I get for not posting in so long. I apologize, this site slips away from me so often.

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