Monday, March 8, 2004

The necessary drinking picture

I finally landed a job. After putting in many applications, calling and pleading to managers and supervisors, and going to interviews, I am employed. It didn't happen like one might expect either. Over a week ago I had just finished with an interview at a local grocery store when I was waiting for them to call me back. I was pretty sure I got it. The day after my interview at the grocery store, Wendy's calls and sets up a interview with me that day, infact, it was an hour and a half after the phonecall. I was hired on the spot. And the grocery store has yet to call.
I found out from a friend that I had some uniform code to follow, and I had no clothes that fit the description. Black slacks mainly. I wanted something that would follow the guidelines and at the same time would suit my tastes and accentuate me as a person. Right. I first went to PacSun and found the pants I needed right away. I then continued to look around because I had time to burn. I caught a glance at some skater shoes, and I was attracted to them. During my hacky-sack days I had always wanted a pair to help with stalls and whatnot. I had always hated the look of them, and I knew I didn't skateboard for the most part, so I never actually considered getting some. The thought now as I was in PacSun seemed eerily an option. Which I don't know if I have changed since college, or I am just open to different looks. I quickly found some that were on sale and that looked good enough for me, not being one that really knows skateboard style, and only a faint idea of namebrand.

They are cool so far, and almost make me want to break out a hack that has been long-sence dead. Or perhaps even attempt skateboarding again.

If there is anything wrong with these shoes it's the tongue. I know that it's the style to be enlarged and everything but dear-god, its ridiculous. I have the notion to cut a slit under the tongue and remove half of the stuffing.
*Blaze2008 says: do you see that Aber-bracelet on my right wrist? Those big leather wrist belts were getting cool around this time, so guess what I did? I took an old belt of mine, cut it up, and superglued it around my wrist. You couldn't tell unless you looked real close. It had a 1 time application, when it came off it was staying off, kept it on during showers and everything. I can't remember how long I wore it, months, maybe even a semester. The best part is that some girl at a party actually criticized me and called me a tool for spending money on something so useless. When I told her I cut up an old belt and used some superglue free of charge she thought I was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Don't think I never taught you guys how to look like a tool without the high costs. Volume 2: Buying the white ipod headphones, wearing them, and hiding the cord while not plugging them into anything so you fit in while walking to class every morning.

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