Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The beginning.

Well, It's kind of a daunting task making the first post on a blog. I feel it has to be something big, because no one wants a grand opening to be anything less then stellar. I have been sitting on this blog for a couple days now and nothing has come to mind. I fear I won't start it unless I take that first step. Also, I have decided to do what Lopez did, and that is not tell anyone about the blog. That way, by the time anyone finds it I've posted a couple times and the first won't seem so significant.

Greg sent me this Link today. It is about a sportscaster/journalist in the area who also runs marathons. In this article she basically explains her love and reasoning for running. If anyone truely knows me they know that I have had a long, hard, and ugly relationship with running. Like the beaten and battered housewife who can't leave her trailer park hubby, I too find myself coming back to Running's cold embrace.

I can still remember my first long distance run, I was early in middle school and it was my bedtime. When I complained my parents told me that if I wanted, I could go outside for a run, otherwise it was bedtime. Ha! they would soon realize their mistake. Not ever having run long distance before, I went out in the same shorts one would wear to school and I ran up and down the streets near my house. It probably looked something like This (This site is my newest toy and I'll probably post about it at another time). So I ran, I didn't know where, I just knew that I was able to cheat the curse of the 8 or 9 o'clock bedtime by running. Everytime I thought I was too tired and I should turn back I would add another block on. I eventually found my way home and my Dad told me that my Mom had gone out driving to find me. I was happy because I had ran around 45 minutes and if I worried my Mom that means I did something right. I also remember the cargo shorts I wore gave me 2 huge patches of rugburn on the inside of my thighs. Ouch.

I became fascinated with running and since I had recently given up on middleschool football, I had a season open to run cross country.

I have been talking a good bit and lunch is over, I'll continue the story of Running and Me tomorrow.

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MrB said...

I fucking hate running but that is excellent advice for when I have kids. I can teach them how to love shitty activities by letting them escapes dreadful things.