Monday, March 8, 2004

Back By Popular Demand

Our good friend Tyler sporting his roomate Colin's new hand warmer Well, I didn't think I would be back on this site, but yet again, I am suprised by the actual requests for this website. I tend to get lazy every other month or so. And then after that month people start asking me to be back up here, and by then I'm all packed up again with good stories. First off I would like to add that my computer, I dont even remember the specifics anymore, crashed, and I nearly lost all my important information on my 120gig. Now I have diagnosed my 120gig as completely incompetent as well as my Abit KR7e motherboard. The random reboots, which I believe led to the random "unbootable drive", were just to much for me.

With the excuses out of the way, I would like to say I have been having an other-wise great time. I have been doing great in classes and even better in Halo and Counter-strike(CS). I have been playing CS at [H]ardCS . After the first weekend, (3 hours) of playing, I had made top 10 of this skillfull/popular server. That was somethign that I took pride in, but since that first weekend I have been playing sub-par at best, and now I am hardly top25.

I believe that my ability to write smoothly, with style, and less grammatical errors is infact shaping up. Whether it's due to my English class or not. Now I'm not claiming I am good at it in any way. I'm just simply stating that before college I was horrendous.

I am going to add now that my mousewheel wants to scroll up 10-15 bars, and down 1 bar, which is completely throwing me off for the moment.

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