Monday, March 8, 2004

The Tale; The Mistake

I'll start off with a mistake. Mistake : deciding at 2:00am that I would stay up all night. It wasn't that hard because I had accidently slept in till 3:30 the afternoon before. So I had all the energy, and I had all the procrastinated homework. I decided to surf the Intarweb too the wee hours of the morning. Then do my homework from 9-945 for my class at 10. Well, everything went according to plan. Soon I began to see people leaving for there 8 o'clock classes. For some reason I decided after all that, I would take a nap from 830-9 for when I had my alarm set for a accidental dose-off. I then layed down and was instantly knocked out. I have a slight rememberence of going to my alarm clock, turning it off, and for some reason laying back down. Now the part comes in when my fairy godperson must have realized something was awry, and quickly woke me up at 9:37. I have no other reason why my sleep-deprived body did not sleep for more than an hour. The following was quite odd, I knew something had gone terribly wrong as soon as I opened my eyes. I drudged over and sat on my comptuer chair. I then spent what felt for a decade stairing at my clock. Next I A.) tried to remember what time class was, B.) tried to remember what very important task that was haunting my conscience had gone undone, and C.) what had happend that created this mess. Finally like an acute detective, I quickly figured out that I had 23 minutes until class, had to write a 1 page response to an article I had found the night before, print it out in the basement, and write a graph for it. And somehow my alotted hour had evaporated under my stupidity of laying down for a "nap".
Seeing as how this story went long enough, I'll just end on the note that due to our day off Friday, the professor said that the homework deadline would be put back to tommorow. Whew. /me wipes brow.
On a brighter note(hehe, pun). I noticed a peering light through the gap in my curtains and suddenly remembered that the sun actually does rise. I then took a few seconds every 10-15 minutes to snap a quick picture for no apparent reason. Because putting it on the site was the last thing on my mind. I guess my first response to beauty in nature is to get a picture. Somethign I learned from my Mother no doubt.
Which reminds me of a time a week or two ago, one of the bigger snowfalls had started early in the morning, so that that everything was embossed with a thick white cap as I walked to class. The flakes layed thick upon the dark branches of the woods and it was something you dont see often, much less have time to sit and enjoy. I had made a point to get my camera but was to lazy later. Now, however, I have lost a bar or 2 on my "straight-meter" so I will leave it at that.

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