Monday, March 8, 2004

If you find no interest reading about Halo skip this post

A leaked version of Halo made it to Colombia recently. The main mission objective was to sneak your flag into enemy territory by whatever means necessary. The Colombians quickly put there quick wit and problem-solving skills together and these pictures were taken before things went south. hehe. south.
Actually that picture would be proof that I generally have A.) too much time on my hands, and B.) another person with the odd sence of humor I have. Most nights I suffice in just humping an opponent's corpse after I kill him.*
I have actually been playing a lot of Halo recently. Mainly because when I am bored I can usually always find 4-6 people who want to play. And when I am in the middle of an assignment I am usually asked to play. How can I turn down the oppurtunity to participate in a competition in which numerous people fight to the death to see who has the fastest reaction speed and best hand-to-eye coordination. Hell, it's the stuff I was born for. I will also point out that Murray First North is still undefeated in BLOOD GULCH CTF's. However, when it comes to anything else, mainly anything with covenent weapons, or stupid levels like Chiron or Derelict, we find ourselves having some competetion. And even somtimes, *shudder*, we lose.We havn't had many competetiors though, because after a week of us going to their dorms and beating them, we told them to come to ours. This usually is the end of any hopes of getting a game together, especially those Putnam bitches.

Usually with gaming comes the threat of bad grades, or loss of friends. But I've actually been getting along with my video games, and I've found that homework can always be pushed back. *I would like to point out that is bad sportsmanship and I am taking measures to quit this bad habit.
Here is one last photo to leave you with.

Remember: Different angles can be pleasing for both you and your partner!

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