Friday, May 21, 2004

1 year down, 7 to go.

1st North 2003-2004 Yearbook. It was truely a great year and I wouldn't have wanted anything else. You all were a great bunch of guys and we always made the best of things, through the ups and even the downs. I'll miss you all, especially the guys that aren't going to be around next year. The yearbook will always be a reminder of our good times, Enjoy.

Upon further thought, I should add that if you are not from the hall, some, and by some I mean most, of the pictures may appear to have "homosexual connotation", You should take the time to realize the affects of close-quarter same-sex habitation.

*Blaze2008 realizes you won't be able to see that gallery, so I'll just throw up a couple of the must-see's. The halo picture is more or less a poke at assailant 9. He is EKAJ and I taught him how to play halo. It pains me to say this but.... he... may... have surpassed me... maybe. Don't ask me why I took pictures of halo scores. I have another one where my name was HK-47. And yes, that is SUPER nerdy. ( I had to google search it to even understand the reference). Also, I was going to copy more pictures, but I realized if you have facebook you can see them all right here.

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