Wednesday, May 12, 2004


After a night of procrastination and eventually studying, I noticed the sun came up without me realizing it, I then acknowledged the all-too-frequent fact that, unlike my pre-college days, I would be getting far less, if any, sleep this morning. It was around 6 o'clock when I caught a hint of something I hadn't sensed in what felt like eternity, I smelled the dew of the grass and the freshness of an air that seemed almost as if it were chalked full of vitamins. I heard the chirping conversations of the birds, and I realized only an early spring morning brings such things. This was the same inscents I could remember as a boy at my grandparent's cottage in Boulder Junction. I would wake up early everyday and still be the last one up. I would then quickly find my younger brother, the early-worm, and we would go running barefoot down the sandy road to the river, feeling the damp clumps of sand and cold dew-drenched grass between our toes. On a day such as this you would have no plans at all, except to make sure you had a lot of fun and took on atleast a couple adventures. We took things as they came, whether it was going fishing, biking, or taking the dogs for a walk and having them retrieve sticks thrown into the river.
With these thoughts coming back to me I suddenly found myself leaving my room and going outside. I let myself soak in as much of the morning as I could, like a thick nectar, before it went slipping away, back over the hills and into the trees to wherever it had crept from. Not caring if some early campus worker saw me and questioned why a student was standing bare-foot in the front lawn of a dormitory. It was during this time I realize that with the cramped and hustled lifestyle one is thrown into at the dorms, the fresh feeling of a long nights rest accompanied by your ability to actually awake on your own accord, without the help of an alarm, rarely occurs, and to some has become a myth. All I have been doing lately is being far too competitive when it comes to leisure activities and games, and far to hard on myself when it comes to academics. In high school I can recall waking up at this same time for an early track meet, eating all the "right" foods, drinking all the necessary water to hydrate one's self, feeling like your body is in the best condition it will ever be in as you ride the bus to the meet. Pumping out some fast-paced music into your headphones to help keep yourself in the zone, feeling the raw energy flow through your body until the moment that you cross the finish line.
These are all things that, until this morning, I had completely forgot about. Through life you can become too blinded by the ideals of fortune and money and find yourself working late into the nights. I simply ask that everyone take a morning to sleep early, wake up early, and take in a fresh breath of air, breathe it in deep and let it out slowly, and simply absorb it.

*blaze2008 laughs hysterically that after such a beautiful existential post, he closes with a image from Halo . . hahaha.

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