Thursday, May 27, 2004

What a man loves to open the door to after a hard days work.

And by man, I definitely mean computer geek. I was very surpised today to be welcomed into my home by box1 and box2 after a long day at the new place of employment, which is a-whole-nother story. I had ordered these a couple days ago, but barely expected them to be here before the weekend, much less 2 days before. I quickly hid my excitement and went into my room to wait until a future time arose to check it out. Now as I look back I realize this is a much different approach then when I was younger, and would rip open any new package at the door like it was a present. I guess I have found with age, that the feeling you get while anticipating a great experiance, is often better then the actual experiance. My brother soon came home from school and insisted on opening the packages, I grudgingly agreed and grabbed my camera as I went to investigate.

I had some doubt about a full plexi-case even after I ordered it. I've always thought of myself as one who can pick out something that looks good and knowing what compliments it, and one thing I've always tried to have catch the eye, is my computer case. Even as a freshman in high school, making my first computer, I quickly cut a window out of the side panel and glued plexi-glass to the back(by I, I mean by Dad). That was long before computers came "pre-modded". So of course when cases made completely of acrylic started being introduced they always caught my eye, but were usually very expensive, plus I hadn't quiet pinned down if they were worthy of keeping someone's attention besides the fact that they were completely different from the previous cases. The only problem was that there was little one could do to set himself apart from the newly increasing crowd of acrylic cases. The first time I said to myself "Yep, your next case will be acrylic" was when I saw a dark tinted acrylic case somewhere with red glowing interior fans. It was all acrylic, yet it was unique from every other clear case, which was the selling point for me. I started looking into them and realized they had gotten a lot cheaper then before, I found mine for < $100.

Either way I still had doubt as the case was being sent to my house. As I unwrapped it from its warm cocoon of Styrofoam I suddenly realized this was no mistake at all. My camera, of course, couldn't capture its beauty as much as one would hope. These pictures are brighter then they should be, it holds more of a deep ocean blue aura to it. But enough talking, I've obviously been blabbering on long enough.

And less I not forget about the new member of the computer family, The lazy modder's best friend, Mr. Aspire dual-fan 500w power supply, completely petsleeved and windowed. Although it pains me to buy something pre-modded, keeping me from putting the time and effort into doing it myself, it definitely looks awesome. (I use "awesome" not as the word pop-culture has made to simply mean 'above cool', but as "awe-inspiring")

Well, that is it for now, I will have new pictures of it up and running in the near future, and I might even have some nice graphics added. ;D Also, I ran across this while uploading the pictures. the whole "modlogan" folder is a complete stranger to me and I can only imagine that whoever is hosting this website has put it on there due to their complete adoration of me, erm, or something like that.

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