Friday, May 28, 2004

Mod-Comp Log: day 2

First off I would like to point out that today, at work, I ran across an order for some school in "Battle Creek" Missouri. Haha, good stuff eh? Alright, on to the goods.
Yesterday after posting on the website, I ended up going out and playing around with my new case and PSU. The first, of what I can only imagine will be many flaws, arouse. The case is made for a PSU to be attached UPSIDE DOWN! which I juggled the idea for several milliseconds before deciding the ONLY way for this to look right was to have the PSU facing up, so that the window pointed to the ceiling instead of too the ground. My first thoughts were to drill new holes, create something to go between the PSU and case that both would screw into, or detach the plate of the PSU and flip it upside down, seeing as how that is the only thing the case screws into. I decide to go with the last one and take it a part, I soon found the plate would not flip over all the way because of 2 short wires powering the back fan.

After much debating, I decided to cut the 2 wires, and solder on extra wire I had cut from a old fan, thus lengthening the wires.

Next is a picture of the new longer wires.

It took some coaxing, but I got the PSU back into it's previous condition with the plate flipped over just as I needed. It fit right back into the case as expected and even worked!
Today I went to MPC to see if I could pick up some UV CCFL's and not have to worry about shipping. Not the case, they wanted $25 for two 12 inch CCFL's and a dual inverter, which I could easily get for under $10 at SVC.
*Blaze2008 would like to point out that the first sentence is a Halo reference.
*Blaze2008 would also like to say that the PSU finally broke a couple months ago leading to him needing to buy a new PC. Hmmm, I had forgot about this mod. Now the psu breaking doesn't really suprise me.

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