Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Wow, it's been a week. Reminds me of when I used to blog back in college. I would look and another month had passed without me posting. I'll try not to let it come down to those days again. I don't really even know what to talk about. I've been playing Fable 2 a lot. Possibly too much, as some would say. It's addicting when a game involves the aspects of leveling that are comparable to WoW, and then includes real estate investment options which actually collect revenue while you are away from your xbox. It's an aspect I have yet to see in a game, and I think they nailed it. I found myself getting the game and instantly trying to put my money into real estate because as any young invester knows, (or what has been pounded into our heads) is that the Time Value of Money is most important. Invest as soon as feasible and continously. So when I get home from work, instead of running, it may be more lucrative for me to quick log on, and use my new funds to buy more shops and houses to rent out. That way when I go running afterword I am actually bringing in more revenue.

Haha, well, those are the thoughts that cross my mind. I can't say I am yet to the insanity level where I will be tricked into mixing up my schedule for virtual, useless, pieces of gold. Keyword there is "yet".

On the topic of investment though is the impending crash of the stock market. I have never really been into politics, or our economy for that matter, much. I always left that up to others. Now that it appears everything is crashing down around us, I suspect that this can only be good for my generation. When it hits record lows, in a year or 2, I suppose the best bet would be for us to just pile money into our Roth IRA Mutual funds or similar accounts. I think that this plan seems foolproof, but I didn't really live during the last depression. From what I hear it was pretty ... depressing. And I mean, when people start jumping out of buildings because they lost everything it seems like maybe theres a little more at stake then some 65 year-old's retirement funds. Is it possible that the stock market will never come back? Id hate to push the max 4-5k into my Roth IRA in a year and then have the stock market just disapear, vanish, into thin air. I guess if I had cared about our economy or politics during any of my time in college I would know the answers to these things.

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MrB said...

How long have you been playing Fable II from? Have you encountered any game ending bugs? I can't play anymore because my combat is totally fucked up.

Then again I already have fallout 3 to keep me company ;).

menace said...

I have been playing a couple hours a day since it came out. I have been going online for some tutorials and forums and I see a lot of people running into game ending glitches, except most are with quests not activating properly. I havn't had anything go wrong yet.