Monday, October 20, 2008

Who'll stop the rain?

Well, were back from the Door County trip. It was a blast, pretty much just what you'd expect. Seems like I was waiting for it to come so long, and now what is there to wait for. New video games I guess. I haven't been putting much thought into what I will actually be purchasing, mostly because I didn't want to get let down as I did with The Force Unleashed or even Fracture. The idea behind those games were big and I figured they were a sure-thing purchase. But then the reviews came out and it sounds like LucasArts dropped the ball, so I have yet to even rent those.

This week (tomorrow for Fable II) and next month there is a lot of new games coming out. Guitar Hero World Tour is this next sunday, which should provide a nice new list of songs to play fake instruments too. I wasn't too excited about fallout 3 but a trailer and the wiki article have given me a reason to look into it. The same goes for Fable, which I am now pretty excited about.

So that should keep me going this Fall. Nothing else really to post at the moment. I hate what achievements have done to games, and that I don't play a game to finish it now, I play it to get achievements. I should mention that currently I am in the process of beating COD4 on veteran to pick up those achievements, and Halo 3 for the same reason.

Oh well, I guess it gives me a reason to pick up old games again.
Listening to: Sober by Tool


MrB said...

Achievements are the xbox crack. What do you do with those points? Not a fucking thing, that's what. Hopefully they'll integrate them with the new xbox dashboard avatar thingies.

menace said...

That would be actually pretty cool. But doubtful, because M$ hates good ideas.