Thursday, October 16, 2008

Continues part deux

Well, I had a huge post, about running in highschool, and going to state. But I am just not sure that's what you all would enjoy reading. So now it's stuck in the drafts. Perhaps someday it will be released... or put down.

So, to not leave you hanging, I will just wrap up the running thing. It was pretty much all I did in high school. I qualifed for state as an individual senior year, which I don't think anyone expected. Then I went to college and it was like getting a highscore in a video game only to have the scores reset and start over at the bottom. I personally had enough and quit running competetively after my first semester.

I have been on and off with running, it seems like I should make it more of a habit now that I have a career. I also gained weight since I graduated, so I am in the process of doing something about that. I figure a marathon or some running routine will do my body good. I like the idea of this blog as a way to share my progress back into the athletic world. So I think a lot of these posts might include words on recent runs, workouts, etc. Hopefully that doesn't bother you.

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