Friday, October 31, 2008

Faces of (near)Death Part Deux

First, my apologies. I didn't intend to keep everyone waiting so long. I actually welcomed a whole morning of work with open arms. It has been awhile and I must say, when you are busy, the day flies by. So let us begin.

The ice cracked beneath the weight of the truck and it slowly began sinking/sliding into the lake. It was very slow for some reason, or perhaps my memory is just in slow motion. My dad had some quick thinking and opened the door, (you don't wear seatbelts when your on the lake), and took my brother and tossed him out onto some of the stable ice. Then the back wheels had lifted off the ice and the truck fell forward a little more, like the jeep on jurassic park. The pressure of the ice slammed the door shut and he couldn't open it back up. Water continued to fill the cab and was approaching the seats. He began rolling the windows down as fast as he could, thank god electric windows hadn't become common yet. When that was all the way down he took me and pushed me out the window and I crawled over to Jay. Then the ice line began to approach the window and he started crawling out. I remember thinking if the truck sinks any further he would be cut in half by the ice and the truck. He pulled myself free and came over to us. We looked at the truck and boy was it a sight, nearly completely vertical, half under the ice. (not pictured above, but looked very similar) We looked around and saw a shanty in the distance. We walked over knocked, and told them what happened. They gave us a ride to Waverly Tavern and we had to call to get a ride home from a relative.

My dad either didn't tell me right away, or I forgot, but there are fast and warm currents the flow through Winnebago that don't freeze completely during the winter. It is usually common knowledge and they are mostly marked off. But with the dense fog that day Dad must have gotten turned around and we drove right into one. We had to hire a towing company that specializes in lake excavation to come pull the truck out without damaging it too much, and they had to do this before the lake melted too much.

The wierdest part of the story was what happened with my aunt. She worked with my mom at Tom's Drive In, a local fast food restaurant. She came in and said she had a dream where Robert (dad) and you're two sons were in danger and something bad happened to them. My mom said not to scare her like that and couldn't get ahold of us when she tried calling, so that freaked her out even more. Eventually she found out what happened to us and realized that almost goes right along with my aunt's dream.

Oh, yeah, im Listening to: Welcome Home by Coheed & Cambria


MrB said...

I'm an idiot. I was waiting for the conclusion of your blog in order to finish mine. Somehow I thought this one was still part one and thought I had read it...

That's fucked up tho, good story despite what greg says.

menace said...

Haha, thanks. I was wondering if I didn't deliver after the comments on the cliff hanger and then no comments on the 2nd half.