Sunday, December 14, 2003


BrandNew6174: bush is a hero
V00D0024: yeah, huzzah for america
BrandNew6174: ah, so you like saddam?
V00D0024: no, i dont like bush
BrandNew6174: he found saddam
V00D0024: ok.
BrandNew6174: youre a terrorist
V00D0024: typical fucking american stupid ass mentality
V00D0024 : cant even fucking hate the president without loving saddam
BrandNew6174 : exactly
BrandNew6174: USA
BrandNew6174: USA
V00D0024: what a fucking dumbass

First note, this is a convo between my cousin and a friend, and I would like to add that no friendships were hurt during the making of this arguement.

*Blaze2008 says: Haha, voodoo hated Bush before it was cool.

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