Monday, December 1, 2003

Average Day.

I had some free time to post so here it is. Nothing special happened today, got a lot of comments on my hand. Which is still the same size as yesterday. Mainly the comments are along the lines of "must be using it too much" to the ever popular "why dont you pop it?". Well let me tell you that I think it will be better off healing itself. I don't think that my body creates something that it expects me to mess with. If you haven't watched the Alien Quadrilogy, I suggest it. I recently watched Aliens (alien 2) and Aliens:Resurrection (alien 4). I still should get around to watching 1 and 2. Unfortunatly I did not have those on my computer. Also, I will get my "blistered hand" photos in my Pain gallery. Along with some X-rays I remembered I had got from a needle that broke off in my foot, and my broken hand. Thats it for today. It's Poker Time!

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