Thursday, December 4, 2003

Texas Hold 'em.

30 dollars in the hole. 3 nights playing. This isn't an addiction, I'm going to win it all back tommorow.

*Blaze 2008 says: I also added a link to a video me and some friends made trying to be like the guys from jackass. We hit a dude with a car, shot me with paintballs and hit shopping carts. Unfortunately a blog is unable to host a video file. So you'll have to get me drunk and remind me its on my thumb drive some day to see it. (we called ourselves WATTA... We Are Trying This At Home) If the video doesn't work. Here it is on youtube 

1 comment:

kiltrunner said...

Can I run over you with my car? J/K lol. I seriously lold my ass off.