Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Great beginning to finals week

Great start to my first college final. I figured I would wake up at 6:00 this morning to get an hour or so of studying in for my 8:00 test. Well, I don't know if it was the slightly above audible music coming from my computer, or the fact that I was sleeping with my head away from the alarm clock, or the fact that 6 is earlier then any alarm I have set this year. Any or all of those things combined, I slept threw half my test and woke up at 8:40. I quickly screamed a number of profanities, grabbed whatever clothes I could see (sweatshirt and pants), grabbed my backpack and went running out into the cold. I made it to the test-room by 9, knowing that it would be locked and I would not be allowed in to complete my test, thus fucking up anything this year ever could have meant. Lucky for me the professor sees me coming into the room, points to a stack of tests, and I begin, that easy. The profuse shaking I had put myself into do to my stress and adrenaline seemed to amuse my fellow test-takers who had already been there over an hour. This has pissed me off a great deal. So if I don't seem to peachy today now you know why. This was my favorite class and the only one I figured I could slide by doing above average in. And guess what, this test decided whether I move out of C and into B. So great.. I fucked up when it really mattered. Also, to get the irony of this post check my friend Josh's Blog. Crazy. And to end in a fashion similar to his :

JustAnotheRunner: but i just walked in and grabbed my test
JustAnotheRunner: my professor = teh santa
V00D0024: lucky bastard
V00D0024: my professor = teh grinch

*BLaZE2008 says: Actually, I found the real link to Josh's blog that day. (I edited it in too)http://www.ceruleanink.org/2003/12/16/what-a-day/

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