Tuesday, December 2, 2003

View from the Goodyear Blimp.

Right. It's halo season. Nothing like a game of headshots and mass murder to take away that finals/holiday stress. There is a halo tournament coming up, but I have no crew I think is really capable of making a show. Plus I dont even think that I, myself, am ready. So for now I will play with the 4 rooms surrounding me. Popped my hand today. I cant really say that I couldn't have guessed how much liqued would have came out of there. It was A LOT. But I don't need to be sickening any of you. So forget I said that. I started working on my Xbox mod. Shaky start. But I hope it still turns out. A lot of filing(sp?) and sanding ahead of me. I need to shape my cuts. And get it ready for when I go home for Xmas break. Which is when I am planning on finishing it. With a little help from my cousin at Elite Signs and Banners.

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