Monday, November 3, 2008


So, I'll be taking this next week (nov 8th -15th) to begin my trek into the great northwoods. I'll actually be bowhunting, and not treking. I come back for 1 week before going up north again the last week of November for gun hunting. I started thinking about it, and I don't want to let down all my loyal fans. (I would make a joke about "yes, all 1 of you", but Greg stole that funny.) So I decided to set up a mobile blog. The idea being that I could snap some pictures, send a quick email, and be constantly connected with the blagosphere. Pending that I get any reception at all in the middle of nowhere. (see above, or umm. over ---> ? )

So that should be cool. And maybe I'll do a test blog from my cell phone sometime today. With a mystery image! You never know when i'll post it, so check back regularly!

As for other preparations, I need to get my (new, hehe) Ipod Nano hooked up to the PC and filled with goods for the long days sitting in a treestand. I would much rather be in a treestand watching reruns of Baywatch when a huge buck sneaks behind me then in a treestand sleeping. Speaking of movies on a nano, I wonder if they have a site or torrent where I can download the movies pre-formatted. That way instead of spending 8 hours to download a 800mb movie, I can dl a 80mb in no time at all. (can you even watch movies on a nano? I haven't really looked into it)

And as for the boring stuff, I'll have to start washing my clothes in scent-proof-lok-killer whatever it is these days. Most of my readers probably don't know much in the way of the hunter. Let me spread some light, deer have pretty decent eyesight, and remarkable, remarkable sense of smell. So if you are invisible scent wise, you have a huge step up. This is where all the hunting apparel and equipement tries to outdo each other. Everything is supposed to keep you super warm (goretex, microfleece,windshear) and super ummm, un-smelly (Scent-Lok, ScentEliminator, etc). They love putting names on these things that make you think some scientists hired from nasa are clinking test tubes together to create the perfect unsmellifier technology to throw onto your jacket. And of course they come out with a new invention in smellifieing warmth every year so you have a reason to put down another $200 on a jacket you wear 2-3 weeks a year. And I'm serious, if you even think for a second you are wearing this out for anything but hunting you are insane. Most people put their hunting clothes in a suction tight tub because they don't want the everyday smells of the house getting on it. My dad goes as far as to put leaves/acorns/forrest stuff in his tupperware. (I read a tutorial in a hunting mag about how some people take woods stuff, acorns, leaves, pinecones from their hunting land and put it in their washing machine for 2-3 cycles so that anything that goes through theres comes out like forrest). Yikes!

I myself don't put so much time and effort into these things. I just do the minimum and hope I get a buck. If I was turning my washer into a forrest I think I need my brain checked.

So, I digressed there for a bit, the point was I have to start washing my street and hunting clothes in this scenteliminator stuff I bought at cabelas. Then I have to start washing with the same stuff in the shower, use my "plain, unscented" deoderant, and sleep in a stasis pod. Ok, that stasis pod part was made up.

Worst part is the fact thatyour ultimate enemy in the smell battle is sweat. We don't really have a shower up north, so I will be forced to stop any sort of physical activity, running, weight lifting, for these 2 weeks that I am up north.

Listening to: Polyamorous by Breaking Benjamin


Gregor said...

Washing the forest stuff in your washer sounds like taking hunting a bit too far for my tastes. But bringing a video-capable MP3 player into the tree is a fantastic idea. I think I'll be doing that.

Anonymous said...

What the frak is a "le sigh" anyway? That is totally something gregor would spin.

Your blogging habits have become like clockwork...bah hahahaha! I'll make sure not to stuff your hunting bag with a perfume covered undies :)

menace said...
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menace said...

Le sigh is from the end of the world flash short. "And the french are like... 'Fire ze Mizziles!' 'but I am le tired.' 'Fine, take a nap.... and then FIRE ZE MIZZILES!!' "

See, see what I did there?

EDIT:Bad typo.

Anonymous said...

Le duh blaze-head...GOT IT!!!

The End!!!

Joe said...

hey, where do you hunt at in Sawyer county? It is part of my 4-county work territory, so I am up there weekly. Or the alternative, living less than an hour away - so meeting for a beer(s) (no more than three, pending our past histories) should be an option.