Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cellular Banellular, Inter-active-ogular

Well, I was going to just post in the comments of Greg's blog, but I seem to have the totally unuseful super power of taking any simple question and being able to turn it into a full fledged drunken college antics story.

To begin, the phone to the right is some old model kyocera, very close to mine. Blue backlit screen, not flip, and silver. I got it late compared to most, Junior or senior year in high school. ('02, '03) and it was also for "Emergencies only". Which was either before, or because of, when I rolled my van. But that's another story. I loved that little phone and I began using it as any kid would for all things teenager. I went to college with it and it met it's demise during a freshman winter house party. I remember I wore my jacket, then left it on a coat hanger, phone inside, while I commenced in getting completely hammered. Upon returning to my coat I looked in my pocket to find that my phone was gone. I started looking around for it and traveled into other rooms upstairs which of course were "off limits." In my drunken stupor I grabbed 2 xbox games and 2 of those super large xbox controllers. I hate thinking that I felt it was cool to steal from other people generous to host a party for us freshman. But I was a young kid, I was drunk, and I've done plenty of stupid things in my day only to learn from them. I left the house party and then sobered up and was VERY weary in returning to ask if anyone found my phone. I actually mustered up the guts and was very suprised when they didn't ask me if I saw anyone steal xbox stuff.

Ironically, (does that work there Greg?) my roomate found the exact same phone as mine, a week later, outside of a campus building. We called the "Mom & Dad" expecting someone our parents age, 40's, and were completely suprised when some 60-70 year olds answered. Turns out it was the basketball coach's phone, who was so busy with recruiting and whatnot he had his phone replaced that day. Me being timid and/or stupid, didn't even consider asking him for his old phone so I could get it changed over to my plan. I was then handed down my dad's old phone when he upgraded. Seen right.

This phone met an epic ending at one of my most famous nights. Unparalled in drunken stupidity I had found a way to tear open my palm and literally paint the bar red. I won't go into too much detail because I am planning an Injury Week soon, were I tell all the stories from me trying to win the darwin award. Either way, my dad's hand-me-down of 3 years was dropped into the toilet I had just urinated in. I quickly scooped it out, turned it off, and went on my night. While in the ER an hour later I actually called my mom, then wondered why my phone turned off. It also had wierd moisture dots inside the screen and I was completely clueless as to how they got there. It took me a couple days to remember that it had went scuba diving earlier that night. See right for a teaser of the stories soon to come! woohoo!

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Gregor said...

"I got it late compared to most, Junior or senior year in high school."

Pffft, you were practically an early adopter.

Ric said...

That picture makes me queasy.

I got my cell phone junior year of H.S. (2000), and I remember when there were stiff penalties for even bringing those things to school. Nowadays 12-year-olds can text test answers to their friends across the room. WTF.

BLaZE said...

Yeah, an early adopter if I lived in Edgar. I hear you were rolling your jeans into middle school.

You make Freedom feel like a budding populous!

KiltRunner said...

lol that pic was taken from my old phone. woohoo!

Joe said...

Wow, I had completely forgotten about finding that phone -- and the moral dilemma we faced over just keeping it or trying to return it. Then we try and return it, and he has no use for it whatsoever.

On a side-note, drunks and phones just don't mix. Cinco de Mayo 2007, I for some reason spiked my phone down in the middle of the street at 2 AM. Needless to say, broken pieces scattered everywhere into the dark night. Wise, wise move young grasshopper.