Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ok, so maybe this isn't common knowledge, but you shouldn't "surf" if you currently can't handle the amount of shows and episodes you DVR or have scheduled. I currently watch Californication, Dexter, The Ultimate Fighter (reality series), South Park, Heroes, 30 Rock, Battlestar Galactica and The Office.

Now while these shows are on I know of other shows, I have friends suggest some shows, and this can get me in trouble. Mostly because it's almost a chore to sit down and watch 3 of your shows in one night in order to stay up-to-speed. But in the end I choose to doit because I really do enjoy them, I watched the new knightrider once or twice, wow. Horrible.

So what would you know, Chuck is on before The Office. I know of Chuck, but never watched an episode, so I decide to jump on the TV early for The Office and sit through Chuck, I was probably 3-4 episodes into the season. It didn't really stick the first episode I watched, but it was enough to get me back. Then after the second episode Victoria and I got hooked. It was DVR'ed instantly and now is enjoyed nearly as much as our hardcore must-watches.

When I thought about why I like Chuck I was actually suprised with the answer. The plot isn't anything to brag about, but then again, Chuck isn't an action/drama like most my other shows. The shows addictive nature is dependent on its cast. Much like The Office, its the small nuances of every single character that keeps us coming back for more. I recently realized they could focus an episode of Chuck around any single character (and have in some occasions) and I would be just as into it. Everyone brings something different to the table and they all pull it off spectacularly.

I started writing this blog thinking that Chuck was unique because I was mostly only comparing Chuck to my serious Dexter/Californication shows. But I guess it's the definition of what makes a comedy sitcom successful. Because 30 Rock and The Office both have similar situations.

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Ric said...

My editor talks about this show all the time. I've ended up watching a couple episodes of Chuck too -- mostly to avoid seeing any part of "Kath and Kim" before the Office. The one episode that sticks out in my mind is when Chuck volunteers to administer some cure to a room full of virus-infected researchers. I laughed out loud a few times.

Ric said...

And Chuck kind of looks like Jim from the Office.


Gregor said...

It's that smirk, for sure. What a copycat.