Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What does one do on a half day?

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What does one do on a half day? There are so many options. All true, and you can thank our friend Assailant for the last one. I'll note that he is someone that you want on your side.

Hope everyone has a great New Year. I enjoyed my dabbling in the Webcomic world. I wish I had better skills, as you can probably tell. I'll probably try a couple more strips out here and there, if anyone thinks they have any material or a topic for another comic let me know.

Listening to: Fuck It by Seether


MrB said...

Ha! nice. I see you have about the same skill as me when it comes to paint art.

And your friend must be really pissed off.

Assailant.9 said...

I'm not pissed off... I'm going with the 'ol saying "The best defense is a good offense." Who would willingly 'poke the bear'? Especially when the bear can send you 153,243 text messages to your phone with the push of a button?

BLaZE said...

Assailant - I think Ivan was referring to the friend who would receive the text messages/emails.

And to explain Assailant's reply comment further, he recently found out he could code the same program for text messages instead of emails.