Thursday, December 18, 2008

That Xmas Spirit

Well, as a person who jumps at the opportunity to not be doing work, I volunteered to help decorate a small xmas tree for work. (With a team of 4 other people) Overall there were 5 trees, 1 from each team, competing for extra door prize tickets. Ours is not a first place contender, but a lot of time was put in and it may have received as much tender love and care as the other cleaner, prettier trees.

I figured I would share the picture of ours for the world to see, and maybe later on and I will go take a snapshot of the tree I believe to be the winner. 2-3 of my blog readers can actually be spotted within the pictures on it. Which means they STOLE MY IDEA, as I have cut snowflakes out and placed the pictures from my team on our tree.

Oh well, it was great fun and a break from the mundane to put this together. Merry soon-to-be-xmas!

PS, I went xmas shopping for the first time yesterday, looking for a 4GB USB storage drive for my cousin. I had a $10 officemax coupon for >$20 purchase. I was blown away when I saw 4-8 gb’s going for $60-$100. Then I saw the promotional for Verbatim USB drives… 4gb for $12, 8gb for $20, and 16gb for $40. GREAT! But alas, they were all sold out except the 16gb. Sorry cousin, your super deal almost happened… But now, what about me? I could use this coupon and end up with 16gigs on my keychain for only $30. After a quick call to Gregor I was easily convince I was not experiencing shoppers paranoia and that this was in fact a good deal. Purchase made. Woohoo, who says xmas shopping isn’t fun!?

I'm listening to: Waitin' on a Women by Brad Paisley


KiltRunner said...

I can't believe you didn't buy that 16g for your cousin instead. Really? He only wants 4gs and would be disappointed if those extra 12g just happened to appear?

You should be ashamed, and I'm telling your mom!

BLaZE said...

pfft. that noob wouldn't know what to do with 16gb. Would it be bad to give him my 1 year old used and battered 2gb? lol.

I know, I know, I'm the grinch. (And yes I know, you'll be getting it)

Assailant.9 said...

The holidays are all about promoting happiness and good will. Happiness is contagious- It’s science. So by making himself happy, BLaZE is actually promoting happiness and goodwill to all. Since ‘all’ includes cousins, his cousin will be happy!