Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rebel through Nerdiness?

I wanted to post this in my last Evolution of Music post, but I found I was running out of space and decided it would make a good separate post.

I was at the tip of my rebellious stage late into my high school career. Looking back it's more amusing then anything. Sadly I don't remember many of the details. I actually completely forgot about how I used to blare Mario Bros. music out of my car until an old friend reminded me at my 5 year highschool reunion. I left this out when I went through all of those music phases as mentioned in the previous post. The extreme nerd phase. I would go and download all the Mario or Nintendo related mp3's I could and burn them onto a CD mix. I would then pass out the nintendo mix to my Cross Country friends. I would also put one of the cd's into my camaro, every morning, turn the music up, and roll down the windows as I rolled into the school parking lot.

Hell, I would have kicked my own ass.

I also dyed my hair red, and had 2 eyebrow piercings, no real reason. (top picture)I didn't really hang out with any punks, or goths, or emos or anything. I was just a computer nerd and Cross Country runner. I guess I was defining the clique in Freedom because we were the first. I am glad I did it now though because odds are I will never have the job or security to do stuff like that until I am retired, by which point it would probably raise a red flag to my sanity instead of just being "rebelious" or "a kid".

Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.

And a happy New Year.

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Gregor said...

That eyebrow picture screams "MySpace." Obviously taken before most people knew what MySpace was, though.