Friday, December 5, 2008

Youtube Noob

Ok, so I started blogging here, then found my old blogs from College and uploaded those. I was having so much fun I wanted to get all the pictures and videos I used to host easily off my dedicated server/pc. But now it's harder because this blogger contraption is a little more nitpicky about throwing on videos, so I went to youtube and used my account to actually host some videos. I thought nothing of it and if you haven't surfed through my archives you probably had no clue. Either way, after a month or 2 (yeah, I'm too see how long ago) I have actually gotten some views on my videos, and one comment. Haha, pretty funny stuff, my video of me getting choked out by a dorm friend actually has a couple hundred views.

I went through a huge poker phase. Some of you may know, maybe not. (I even felted my own poker table! See right)A good friend of mine was way ahead of everyone else in skill and he botched a deal once and ended up winning a huge hand that should have been mine. Short story is I thought maybe he was cheating so I went to research what I could about how people can cheat at cards. I found some great sources, and taught myself how to bottom deal (with or without cut card) and to reverse cut. Then after I learned those I saw the sites also had a lot of tutorials on chip tricks. So I spent a year or 2 learning every chip trick there was and my card cheats turned into card tricks, moves, and magic tricks. I moved on from there and went into guru mode and started debunking David Blaine tricks on a card forum with other people to see if we could figure out most of his stuff. This website had a tight knit community and we had flourish contests every now and then. Chip/coin/card, whatever you wanted. I did one of these before I stopped this sleight of hand phase of my life. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

I'll probably throw some more random videos off my old harddrive onto youtube one of these days. I'll post a link here to update you if I do.

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MrB said...

Wow. I thought my obsessive personality was bad. You take the cake for wildly running with hobbies.