Monday, December 1, 2008

Tragedy strikes cousin

I actually have 3 blogs I need to get out, one being the netflix review I have mentioned to a couple people. However, I think this trump it. Every now and then tradgedy strikes you or someone close and it really shakes your foundation.

My cousin, Eric, witnessed his house burn down recently. The same house Victoria and I partied at just months ago, and many times before that. The one where one of my best friends in high school lived in. I definitely have a lot of memories here.

I got the phone call Saturday morning from my mom informing me that it had burned down 10am, and most their possessions were lost with it. Luckily the baby, turning 2 today, was at a relatives, and my cousin and his wife were in Colorado on vacation.

One hopes that events like these are only witnessed this close to home once or twice in their life. Hopefully everything comes back together quickly for this new family. Here is an article and a video.

Here is another picture of his 2 plasma TV's, one was a 50 inch plasma and another 40 something inch LCD that he had received as gifts. He used to have them stacked on top of eachother so you could game and watch tv. Something I talk about doing a lot. Now its a pool of melted glass. Pretty crazy.

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