Saturday, January 17, 2009


Muhahahahaha. Soooo checkit. I ordered a pretty little 22" widescreen dell monitor for cheaps.(Props to Assailant 9 for the find) This is only moderately hott as far as deals go. But still, our current 350 lb Sceptre 19" LCD monitor is approaching 12 years old and has started flickering randomly. So overall the purchase was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Well, it would have been, except for the part where my monitor arrived with a small chip on the left side of the bevel. No biggie, if I would have been born in a different lifestyle or country I probably would have just put some super glue on it and been on my way. Unfortunately I am a spoiled white boy so I called up Dell support to let them know what happened. Dell support, Ughhhh. I know I should have seen it coming because Dell's customer support was their biggest downfall in 2004-06. I thought they would have cleaned up their act by now... Guess I was being optimistic. Dell's call center is based in the middle east, not a huge problem at all, just a little hard to understand some of the women. That I can live with, the problem was how I was transfered 4 times. The 1st, 2nd, and 4th times my order number and name were asked. If they knew it on the 3rd time why didn't they know it the other times? Also, my final time being put on hold after the 4th transfer took 45 minutes.... That's right... Victoria and I opened the phone, put it on speaker, and got to listen to hold music while we watched A FULL TV EPISODE. I politely mentioned this to the final guy and he said yes he knew, and that they had a very high call volume tonight. Shortly after that I was gone and done and the phonecall itself took over 60 minutes. Woohooo!

Overall I don't really mind what happened too much, I was watching TV anyway. The cool part is that he said they would send me some return labels for the chipped monitor. As I was crossing my fingers and hoping, those did not arrive. So I am putting ethics on the sideburner and I am going to set these 2 monitors side by side for awhile and see what happens with the whole situation. I really do love the view as it stands.


Assailant.9 said...

Not even a shoutout for the guy that found you that deal. Oh, and left for dead is for nubs, lets play some CS!

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