Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Injury Week: Chicks, dude.

Sooo. This shouldn't take long. I had a girlfriend for a year or so in high school(relationships seemed to go in slow motion back then). She was pretty steadfast in the "lets save ourselves" type thing, and I wasn't going to push the envelope. We all know how much of a classy gentlemen I am! So it was senior year I figured we were both going to different colleges, so we broke it off. Next thing I know one of my best friends is talking to her more. He and I talked via AIM a lot and when your having those instant message conversations you end up saying a lot more then you would in real life. Kind of like alcohol. Well, he just couldn't wait to share how he had talked her into the deed. I was pretty furious, but I just acted like nothing happened. That is, until I saw them out in the parking lot as the XC guys and I were getting ready for a run. I can't remember exactly what they were doing, holding hands, kissing maybe. Either way it lit a fire in me and I punched a stopsign as we ran by it. This is something we did often during cross country runs, only we would usually slap it, something to make it ring out. We'll I punched that stopsign about as hard as humanly possible. .. I looked down to see my hand and saw a pretty big bump. It was rock hard already and my first thought is that it either swelled up super fast or it was broke. We ran our 4 miles and the swelling didn't go down or soften. I brought it around the school for teachers who were still around and they mostly thought it was fine. I could still move everything, there was no pain, and the only difference was when I made a fist my pinky knuckle was non-existent. Eventually I found the physical trainer and he said it might be a boxer's break. I researched it at home and told my parents. They didn't know if going to a doctor was necessary but I insisted.
I remember the doctor didn't really key me into what exactly he was doing, he made a cast that covered my wrist and half my hand. Put it on me, then put a lot of pressure on my hand and I felt the bone snap back into place and vibrate through my body. I instantly felt light headed and he told me to lay back. He said some people pass out after that. I still find it amusing that he didn't prepare me for that.
Well, that's the story, after awhile I healed. My heart did too. Sah-luuuuuuuut.


Assailant.9 said...

Nothing like punching an inanimate object to make you feel better.

Which story is better? Yours or when Crackers punched that tree?

BLaZE said...

Haha, I completely forgot about that. Awesome. He was swollen up pretty bad, I can't remember if he broke anything.