Thursday, January 8, 2009

Obligatory Gaming Post

So, as promised yesterday, I'll give you a update on my gaming happenings as of recent. First off, I was happy to receive 2 1600 microsoft point giftcards for Xmas, so that slingshot me into the world of XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade). My first purchase was N+. This has been highly spoken of by Assailant 9, my trusted gaming nemesis. He was not lying. The game, albeit simple, is addicting after the stages get more complex. The idea is you get coins to increase the time you get per level, you progress through levels, 5 levels per episode. Once you begin a new episode your time resets. Each level provides a new unique challenge in either opponent or terrain. You have a analog stick and an A button to jump. It's easy at first, but the things that keep you coming back are the levels that take some thinking and a little finesse to conquer. Thanks Assailant.

My next Xbla purchase with this new plethora of points was yesterday, Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2. It was a hard decision between the new GW and the old original version. I looked around online and the 2nd version has actually been getting rave reviews and contains new gametypes, and multiplayer. So with that, purchase completed, and I am very happy with it after just one night. Reminiscent of my father's video game era, this plays a lot like asteroids in a contained box. Maybe it's my ADHD, but the bright multicolored laser graphics of the game are one of its most enjoyable traits. The basic gametype is as you would expect, running around trying not to get destroyed whilst shooting everything in sight. Multiplier shards, called geods, now drop from fallen enemies and are a requirement to reach those high score boards. Other gametypes include no-shooting-allowed escapism, waves of enemies, stage completion mode, and another where you can only shoot from bubbles which quickly disappear and reappear at different locations. An interesting callout to the oldstyle arcade games is the highscore of your xbox live friend list post on the top right of your screen as you play. Just a little something to keep you playing.

Lastly, I was a latecomer to The Force Unleashed. I heard not-so-good things from this much hyped game, so, I just didn't purchase it. Recently I did a little tradesies with known gaming accomplice, away went my Mirror's Edge, in came TFU. I must say, now that all hype had been obliterated I was very happy with my playthrough. This mainly because I am an avid Star Wars fan. I loved the connections this game made between the Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope movies. I followed the plot in-game as if I was in fact playing out one of the Star Wars movies. Also, since I stick closely to FPS's, it was a great change to be able to run around in third person throwing special forces and lightsabers around. Overall I enjoyed the first playthrough and I am currently making attempts at a Master Sith difficulty playthrough.

Also, a last image as a teaser for next week. I plan on doing my Injury Themed Blog Week. Where I speak to the numerous adventures I have had which leave me with, well, souvenirs(read: scars).


Ric said...

I've played Geometry Wars maybe twice in my life. The problem is the seizure-inducing strobe light effects, and bright colors. I'm pretty sure if I played again, my brain would explode purely based on sensory overload.

BLaZE said...

see, that stuff is like crack for ADHD! :-P

Assailant.9 said...

nemesis... good word.