Sunday, November 23, 2003

2 days past.

Yes, three days without a post. My apologies. I try to do as little as possible on the weekends. If your asking why, it's because every weekday morning, after a night of too-little sleep, I force myself to get out of bed to turn off the scream of the alarm clock. I then promise myself a weekend of sleeping in. Some people have coffee, some people have there positive attitude, I have promises of all the weekend sleeping in I can get. It's a bad habit though, because when you wake up past noon, you just get this sickening feeling that you've thrown away far too much of your day. Now that I've actually put that down on paper, er, cyber-paper...right. I think I might actually start setting my alarm on weekends as well. I don't know how much of a commitment that is though, setting the alarm on weekends, the though makes me shiver. I would also like to point out that Mike's post on 11.21.03, has a link to what "truly describes his feelings" and I read threw some of it, a lot of rambling this guy does, granted it is interesting stuff. I then read the comments of this guy's post. Which were more interesting, because some people were bashing him, I assumed. They all talked like people that knew something I didn't. Either way, the reason I brought this up is because in the comments they started talking about aphex twin. Which is a great band(if you can call it that), they pretty much create these crazy techno songs. I had listened to them a lot around a year ago then forgot about them. With this reminder I brought a few of there songs back up and it's a change from then normal music you hear. If you want to try some get some of there best are as follows: windolicker, boy girl song, speedracer, come to daddy. Tuesday is my signup for next semester already. Which is pretty early from all the other freshman, I don't know if this is because I originally had 17 credits (a lot for a freshman, thus putting me ahead of the others), or the fact that I was put on a early acceptance list due to my Cross Country involvement. Hopefully this means I will get my first choice of classes and won't have to fall back on any of my less wanted choices. Wow big post, but it is coming to an end. I would just like to add that I will be trying to get a nice blogger or some other program that helps me post. Not only will it make posting a lot easier on my end, it should allow me to add a comments section after each post, so you can reply and let me know whats up, a great idea I believe this is. Speak like yoda i do? Right. Time to tackle this sunday.

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