Sunday, November 16, 2003

Post #1.5.

I figure I am going to actually start taking a little time out of my PACKED schedule each day in order to post in my website. See if I can't actually get some 'regulars'. I would like to explain the recent inability to use my computer which some of you may have noticed. It all started with a nasty virus, which disabled norton. It was more annoying then anything. I found that I could not click on links nested in certain websites(Example: links in forums, or links to "clear my hotmail spam"). So as you can imagine my hotmail account overflowed and I decided to put my 120 gig harddrive on my 60 gig as a slave and scan it with new virus software. Well, like usual, I had trouble switching harddrives, because of the nonexistent jumper directions on my 60 gig. After a lot of screwing around I come across a small problem, the fan in my graphics card heatsink has stopped spinning. Which I must have done while working with the harddrives. So now I had a new problem. Fix the heatsink before I can use the computer again. My first attempt was a new VGA heatsink. Brought it home and found out it did not fit my video card. I then had to wait a week to get a new ride out to the same store. Where I returned the heatsink and planned on getting a new fan to chop up and put in the old heatsink. I also sent a bunch of emails back and forth with the makers of my videocard and had a new heatsink coming in the mail, but I wasn't about to wait another week to start using it. The chopped up fan worked perfectly in the old heatsink and now I got my computer back after maybe a week or two of non-use. On a sadder note, while screwing with my harddrives, I dropped my 120 gig on the ground and it doesn't work anymore. Lucky for me Western Digital is really great with RMA's and I'll be getting a new one almost no questions asked.

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