Monday, November 17, 2003

The Speed of Time.

Another day come and gone. The months fly by here. It seems like one week a month or season is just beginning, and the next week it is ending. Soon Thanksgiving will be here and I will get to spend some time home with my family and relatives. Then out of no where Christmas will be here and I'll be home again. This time for longer. These things are probably in reality a ways away, but this year has been here and gone. Much to my liking I might add. Here in college I just sit and clench on to what I have a hold of. Hoping not to lose my grasp and tumble down a road of unsuccess. My parents and friends expect so much. Everyone goes to college these days, it's not normal to suffer through it. I don't want to be a disapointment. So I'll keep hanging on to what I've got. Sorry I don't have much in the lines of 'good news', I've had a lot on my mind lately.

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