Sunday, November 30, 2003

Candle 1 : BLaZE 0.

5 days without a post. I'm sure you all understand though, seeing how it was the holidays, and as you can see by the picture. I was hanging out with my family most of the weekend, the picture itself is a few of my cousins having a good time. We made sure to rough up the younger cousins from Ohio that we only see during the holidays, turns out they mainly gave out the beatings. I really enjoyed my time with the relatives and family. The last night of my vacation break was spent at Mike's house party. Where all the old freedom people that I graduated with went. It was a big reunion and we all had a great time. I'm sure Mike will be putting up an image gallery on his website with all the good pictures he took. Overall it was a damn good party and I loved seeing everyone again. Hopefully this was a sample of what Xmas vacation will bring. If your wondering what the title was about, I took a bet this weekend that I couldn't suffocate a wax candle in a cup by putting my palm over the mouth of the cup. Well, I won the bet, but my hand lost the war. Picture #1- Picture #2. Thats all I have for now. I could tell you a lot more about my vacation, but that would take a lot more of your time then you're willing to give. To finish : heres a nice little link I ran across while writing this post. Thanks to Mike for the find. Mario Brothers 3 Beat in 11 Minutes. w00t!

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